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City Lights
                Sometimes, I find myself staring at the lights of the city below.  I find it rather soothing, and the dwindling traffic is my lullaby.  I notice all of the people sneaking out to escape their lives and to drown their sorrows in bars downtown.  They go to pretend they do not belong to a spouse or their monotonous day jobs at the office.  I know what that’s like, and that is why I stay in the comfort of my hotel room.
                As I see these people crossing the street or just walking through, I like to believe that I know them, that I know their backstories. 
    I watch a woman pass by.  She is wearing a red dress that barely covers her thighs.  The woman has short, blonde hair, and from what I can tell, her face is beautiful.  I can also tell that she doesn’t feel that way a
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Closed my eyes,
Took a breath,
Can’t escape the voices
Within my head
Try to smile,
Count to 10,
I know it’s starting
Once again
That I see
Is becoming so
Distorted to me
It comes back,
There goes all the
Sanity I had
This is
:iconlilac-heart:lilac-heart 1 5
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I love the action pose, and can feel the darkness this scene portrays, but it's lacking on a few points which could make it that much b...

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Arien-Christoper James Dixon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ-Hi, My name is ♂ Arien. Welcome to my DA art gallery-Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Update 11/11/2014
Hi everyone, Chris here to remind all of you to get those challenges in. If you participated in the Sketch Block Challenge for the month of October, 2014, then your challenges are due today. I'm giving until days end so not to stress anyone out. Please not me your challenges or send me a link. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing your challenges.

Update 9/23/2014

I just wanted to congratulate :icontroksnains: for she is the winner of the sketch block preliminary challengefor the month of August, 2014.
His prize is one sketch of his choice drawn by me. I will mail the original to
his address. He also gets to choose the challenge topic for the month of
November 2014. Congratulations again :icontronksnains:


The Brat Attack trailer 1 has landed and you just got served.
If you haven't seen the sneak peak flash animation,
then please go here to do so now: Brat Attack pre loader by razorg456

I shaved down the size of this trailer from it's original 2:14 second marker
for I decided there will be a future trailer to follow up the first one. As
for now, my main focus is the comic book. I originally planned for Summer
Madness 2016 to conclude around this point, at this time, however, due to
factors beyond my control, I was unable to complete that goal.
So that means its time to start a new one.

My new aim is to complete the entire motion comic book and release it this
summer. I know that is a tall order but here is why I feel it is totally doable.

I have already done a large amount of the art work needed for
this project. Some new ideas have come to me since last year to tie Summer
Madness in with Project Emo or Feiora's Story, "The First Order".

Yes, Feiora's story is going to consist of three chapters and will lead
up to TechenoSama the prequel. This, pretty much, is how everything
will tie in together in the TS universe. The official TechenoSama
story line cannot begin until after the events that unfold in the
three chapters of Feiora's Story. One of the most important
points in that story takes place right within TechenoSama S
ummer Madness. Here is a quick break down of the story:

Synopsis of TSSM:
The Brat sisters are pretty much the focal point of this story. Chris
Cutter, a wanted bounty hunter, is asked a favor by his old friend?
Smoothie Boots asks him to divulge the current location of the sisters,
so that he may carry out an assassination job. But what's in it for him,
and why would someone like Cutter know the location of his targets?

Cutter, afraid of Smoothie, agrees to assist in finding the sisters, but
has other plans in mind for them once he discovers that they are linked
to his great, great Grandfather, Lufarious Tao. Merit and Feiora are forced
to help Cutter in order to stop Merit's future destruction? Yeah, it's going
to be one of those awesomely convoluted stories, that will keep you on

So when can this project be complete?

As of right now, I don't have a set date other than by the end of this summer.
I start a new job tomorrow, and I have to wait to see how things pan out with
that, but I plan to take my work with me. My focus will be to complete at least
2 comic pages a week. I'll probably be working heavily on this project throughout
June and July so that it may see light hopefully near August. I do promise to keep
you guys posted.
Well, wish me luck at my new job tomorrow. If all works out I will post another
journal by weeks end. Until then. :D
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  • Reading: School related books
  • Watching: DBZ Super
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  • Drinking: Not enough
Brat Attack pre loader
Edit: 04/30/2017 5:56 pm
Had to re-upload the file. Seems that the pre-loader wasn't working.
Oh well, hope this fixes the problem. Enjoy!

This is a little jump starter demo reel, made in flash and Adobe AI, 
for the relaunch of my TechenoSama Summer Madness web comic.

I call this little number, Brat Attack, for it is the introduction of my latest
creations, Kitty and Katty Brat, known as the brat sisters.

I just wanted to exhibit a little concept work to give you an
idea of what the upcoming comic will be like.

This was originally a much longer clip, but I soon realized that I was
going way beyond what I had intended to accomplish here, so I
trimmed it back a bit. I still think it more than gives you an idea
of what is to follow.

It's been a long wait so I hope you enjoy, Brat Attack.
I will post more up later tonight in my journal to go a
bit more into detail about this project. Cheers.

Animation and Art by: Arien-Christopher J Dixon aka :iconrazorg456:

Music by: Falk, Andy Tunstall, KgZ, Funk Fiction,
Yuri Matsuura, Ai Ichikawa, Clay Lyons, Alvin Wong,
Kazuhiro Odagiri, Ian Charlie Chong, Ethan Lee
Project Brat Attack Spoiler
It just didn't feel right going to bed with out sharing something with you guys from Project Brat Attack.
I decided to post one of the 26+ New images that you can expect to see in the mini trailer that
will be released before this month is out. You can expect to see the full completed image and
more very soon. Hope you like <3
I said that I would update before the week is out and technically it's out. I thank all of those that
are still visiting my page and being patient with me. I know its got to be extremely frustrating to
have set dates and then nothing seems to materialize. I'm working on that believe me.

I wish I could have released it tonight, but it's just not there yet. I viewed it after a couple
of days away from the project and it felt rushed in some areas. Trying to smooth them out
so that it doesn't just fade away like dust in the wind. I want the images to be memorable
and as exciting as possible. So far there are about 26 never before seen images, being
presented in this mini demo reel, to restart project TSSM.

I thought about throwing some voice acting in there, but then that would make this
project bigger than I originally projected. One of the many reasons I have trouble finishing
them :p I'm looking to release the full demo reel soon along with a little something special
at the end.

I can safely say that project brat attack will be released before April is out.
Looking forward to a successful release.
  • Listening to: Nothing special...
  • Reading: School related books
  • Watching: DBZ Super
  • Playing: Haven't had time to play anything
  • Eating: Too much >
  • Drinking: Not enough
04/23/2017 [Edit]:
Just a little update on the BA project. It's near completion. I'm just revamping certain parts that feel bland or rushed before its release. Expect 26+ new images from project TSSM. It should give a better idea of what to expect in the upcoming months. Looking at an end of April release date.


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isakuta Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Arien! I just wanted to wish you a merry Chrismas! I hope things are looking up and you can have a good Christmas filled with family. :)
razorg456 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awe, thank you so much, Isa. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well :)
I'm currently out of school for the winter break, but they swamped me down
with make up work due to me missing classes. I shall be posting soon to fill
in a bit more. Take care of yourself and be safe.
isakuta Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy new years! XD I hope the news will be good!
razorg456 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy New Years back at you, Isa :D The news is good for finals are almost over.
Also, new computer system to hook up which means new stuff is coming soon
:d. So little time, so much to do. Now to go work this flab off...Looks at pineapple
upside down cake sitting innocently on the counter. Yeah, got to lose this
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razorg456 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys! I just finished getting through mid-terms. I shall update you on what's what this weekend. Hope you have all been well?
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